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-20gg sterling silver, hand formed spirals /1 1/4" in diameter 

-sterling triangles and brass pendants hang from the spirals - which are hammered to create dimension and texture

-1 3/4" drop

-no ear wires needed as spiral itself acts as the ear wire  


ziva spirals

  • -the spiral, cleverly acting as the ear wire, also holds the sterling and brass pieces that catch the light so beautifully.

    -the design is contemporary and versitle, and the simple shapes look fresh this season.

    -keeping pieces in the enclosed bag and/or box will slow down the oxidation of the metals. once oxidation does occur, I recommend cleaning with a few gentle wipes using the enclosed polishing sponge to retsore the shine.

    -thank you and enjoy!

    - if you are not happy, returns and exchanges graciously accepted within 30 days.

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