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J. Carne Jewelry Design
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“My inspiration is born from gratitude for my life and for my gifts.”

Contemporary concepts that resonate with today’s lifestyle are the filter in which
Jeanne works. Her use of materials is influenced by her background in apparel design where she learned the value of combining textures, finishes, and colors, in unconventional ways. This, in combination with her passion for transforming ordinary items into something special, give her a unique point of view.

Jeanne’s interest in metal smithing comes from the desire to pursue a sculptural aspect of wearable art. While studying, her interest in old coins reignited. Bags of European and Asian coins from years of travel, along with her father’s collection of American coins, present themselves as a great opportunity for re-purposing. Some of their beauty perfect as is, others become the base and inspiration for something new. The manner in which Jeanne addresses the characteristics of each metal and combines them with colorful patinas, textures, and cold or hot fusion, is where the beauty happens.

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