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-9 alternating hammered copper and polished sterling silver pieces

-bracelet is adjustable and is available in 2 ranges:

1) 7"- 8"

2)6 1/4' - 7 1/4" ( by eliminating 1 copper piece

-copper pieces are approx. 3/4" x 1/2" 

-silver squares are approx.1/2"x1/2" 

-the measurements are approx. because each piece is cut with a hand-saw

-linked by 16g copper jump rings with a decorative copper hook 

sterling & copper checkerboard

SKU: JCD-CSS-05500
  • -the simplicity of this piece shows the beauty of mixing texture and color.  hammering the copper and keeping the sterling polished gave me an addtional opportunity to differentiate between the 2 metals. the pieces are all hand cut so vary a bit. 

    -the copper "parts" will oxidize faster than the silver, so you can embrace the natural rate of oxidation or polish to a shine with enclosed polishing sponges. 

    -thank you and enjoy!

    -btw, if you see something marked "out of stock" feel free to contact me-I am likely working on a replacement or working up a similar design  (most everything is one of a kind).

    - if you are not happy, returns and exchanges graciously accepted within 30 days.

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