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-14G sterling silver wire annealed to form this graceful shape

-2  3/4"(7.2cm)long

-14K gold plated crimp bead at base of ear wire

-20G sterling silver ear wires

silver whisper

SKU: JCD-SS-0530
  • -I hope that you love the clean simplicity of these earrings as much as I do. The 14 gauge  sterling wire takes command in this design. I added the small hit of gold for an extra touch of color.

    -these can be worn with denim, athliesure, or for a dressed up night out.................can we still go out!! Just kidding.

    The sterling does oxidise, but slowly. I have included a sponge to help you to keep it at it's best. 

    -thank you and enjoy!

    - if you are not happy, returns and exchanges graciously accepted within 30 days.

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