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-adjustable 7 3/8"( 18.7 cm) OR 6 1/2"(15.5cm) long 

-length adjustable up to an additional 3/4"(10.9cm) longer for each size 

-hammered, polished dimes joined with decorative copper jump rings

-copper hook closure

-a perfect match with this bracelet is necklace #JCD-SC-5606

(pictured above) 



silver & copper simplicity

SKU: JCD-SC-0520
  • -the simplicity of this piece shows the beauty of mixing texture and color. Dimes are very meaningful to me for a silly reason - but it makes me love this bracelet even more.

    -your option is to embrace the natural oxidation or polish to a shine with enclosed polishing sponges. 

    -thank you and enjoy!

    - if you are not happy, returns and exchanges graciously accepted within 30 days.

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