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-2 richly patinaed copper squares hang from a double rolo, copper plated, brass chain.

-the top square is 1"x1"and hanging from it, is a 7/8" x7/8" square

-blue is the accent color in this one of a kind patina and it is brilliant.

-lobster claw closure


salt spray on copper necklace

SKU: JCD-PC-0523
  • - the continents of Africa and North America emerged as I cleaned up these two squares after the patina process. this inspired the name of this necklace. it is a reminder of our need to fall more in love with our beautiful planet and take better care of her.  

    -the squares have a sealer on them to preserve the patina but I have sanded the outer edge to be able to add that "pop of shine". this can be renewed with your polishing sponge. in addition, the sealer will help keep the oxidation to a minimum.

    - thank you and enjoy!!

    -if you are not happy, returns and/or exchanges on unengraved pieces are graciously accepted within 30 days.

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