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-beautifully patina design on a 1 1/2" (3.8 cm) x 3/8"(.9 cm) copper bar shaped for your wrist 

-bracelet with chain measures up to 8 " and can be as small as you'd like

-3mm  copper cable chain finished with a copper jump ring and bead

-antique copper color lobster claw closure



urban avocado

SKU: JCD-PC-05140
  • -I purposely left out closure /sizing links so that the design stayed streamlined and clean. the lobster claw closure hooks on to any chain link for multiple options. you can wear it more fited or loose like a traditional ID bracelet. these days we need to realize that it is all about options! 

    -the copper patinaed bar has a sealer on it to protect the patina. However its outer edges are sanded so that  I could add a slight  "pop of shine". you can choose to embrace the natural oxidation or carefully renew with the included polishing sponge.

    -the copper bar has been carefully annealed  and formed to follow the shape of your wrist.

    -thank you and enjoy!

    -if you are not happy, returns and/or exchanges on unengraved pieces are graciously accepted within 30 days.

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