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What a surprise to discover this passion within myself!

I never would have thought I would end up selling handmade jewelry online.

I am not a stranger to jewelry - how can you not love jewelry. But, alas, my life has always been about apparel. I have loved drawing and designing it for years -AKA, my first customers were my dolls.

I studied it at an incredible school and had a wonderful 30 yr career in it. Time for something new. Surprise! Basic principles of good design have endless applications, one of those being jewelry design. But in metal smithing, science adds an important aspect to the mix! Who knew that vinegar, salt, and ammonia fumes can create brilliant shades of blue on copper ( yes - YUK, but magic! )

Heating metal actually changes the molecular structure, enabling one to shape and bend it. AND, it does not change when cooled. Tap it on a hard surface to rearrange that structure - such power!! By the way, you CAN burn metal - I have done it more than once and it is not pretty. Yes, I am a science geek! You may not care about these things but it has to add to the fascination of how things are made! Hand making jewelry gives you an opportunity to reflect a bit of who you are - just like fashion. It speaks without us opening our mouths. For me, that is a good thing! Another bonus is the view outside my studio window in an old factory district in Pittsburgh.

Please check out my website. I love being a jewelry designer and I hope you can see my passion through my pieces.


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