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-2" long ( including ear wire)

-handcut, high grade jewelry copper

-simple patina of vinegar, kosher salt, & ammonia

-sterling silver ear wires

salt spray earrings

SKU: JCD-CP-0010
  • - the brilliant blue on these earrings is very special. I love the ocean so much! 

    - when patinas as these happen, I can only think of the foaming water invading the rippled sand - just as the sun is setting.hence, the name.

    -the earrings have a sealer on them to preserve the patina but I have sanded the outer edge  and back so that the "pop of shine"can be refreshed. the high polished copper contrasts very nicely with the patina. this can be renewed with your polishing sponge. in addition, the sealer will help keep the oxidation to a minimum.

    - thank you and enjoy!!

    -if you are not happy, returns and/or exchanges on unengraved pieces are graciously accepted within 30 days.

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