-2 1/2" long

-hammered copper pennies with a blue patina

-pennies were minted prior to 1980 so 90% copper

-antique copper- plated brass "ladder" pendants

-gold plated jump rings and ear wires

pennies & ladders

SKU: JCD-PC- 0504
  • -along with my love for creating jewelry is my passion for painting and drawing. realizing the magic of creating patinas is very exciting for me - and I am hoping for you as well!

    -the hammered pennies have a sealer on them to protect the patina. However the pennies outer edges are sanded so that a I could add a "pop of shine". you can choose to embrace the natural oxidation or renew with the included polishing sponge. 

    -thank you and enjoy!

    -- if you see something marked "out of stock" feel free to contact me-I am likely working on a replacement or working up a similar design (most everything is one of a kind).

    -if you are not happy, returns and/or exchanges on unengraved pieces are graciously accepted within 30 days.