- 2" long

- hammered rim cut from pre 1980 pennies of 90% copper

- antique glass bead

- satin finish brass color drop

- gold plated ear wires

**coordinates well with necklace style #JCD-BC-2405


copper drop earrings

SKU: JCDBC - 2406
  • -my hope is that, as you wear these earrings you realize that the coins have traveled many years and miles to reach you. imagine where they have been!

    -your option is to embrace the natural oxidation or polish for a high shine with enclosed polishing sponges

    -thank you and enjoy!

    - if you see something marked "out of stock" feel free to contact me-I am likely working on a replacement or working up a similar design  (most everything is one of a kind).

    - if you are not happy, returns and exchanges are graciously accepted within 30 days.