-18mm (diameter) coin with blackened silver patina

-56mm ( 22') diamond cut antique copper-plated brass chain

-lobster claw closure to allow for shortening chain

**layes well with necklace style #JCD-CB-2703 and/or bracelet style#JCD-MIX-2601 as pictured.

Canadian copper pendant

SKU: JCD -C-2803
  • -my hope is that, as you wear these pieces you realize that the coins have traveled many years and miles to reach you. imagine where they have been and in whose pocession!

    -your option is to embrace the natural oxidation or polish for a high shine with enclosed polishing sponges. note that the blackened patina will disappear with excessive polishing. 

    -thank you and enjoy!

    -if you are not happy, returns, and exchanges graciously accepted within 30 days.